Introducing the New Pacific Lyte: A Rebranding Reflecting Our Vision and Values

At Pacific Lyte, we are excited to announce our recent rebranding efforts. Our company has been focused on building a strong foundation and reputation in the real estate asset management industry, and we believe that our new branding will better reflect our vision and values. We want to present ourselves in a way that truly represents who we are as a company and the thought behind everything we do.

Our company was founded by the Nourbakhsh family, whose origins are in Iran and have a history of manufacturing and wealth management in the country. The name “Nour” translates to “light” in English, and we have chosen the name “Lyte” as a play on the word “light” as well. The word “Pacific” represents our location on the Pacific coast. Together, the name Pacific Lyte reflects both the founders’ origins and their focus on providing guidance and direction in the real estate asset management industry.

The colors and imagery used in our new branding are also meaningful. We have chosen a color palette inspired by the elegant nights of the Pacific Ocean and the beam of light, which represents guidance and a place to find shelter. The logo also includes a subtle reference to a lighthouse, symbolizing our role in providing direction and support to our clients. We believe that this new branding will serve as a destination for real estate asset management on the Pacific coast, where the light shines brightest.