One of the key strategies for successful real estate asset management is identifying opportunities for diversification. One such opportunity is investing in mixed-use developments, where commercial and residential assets are combined in key locations with access to transportation and amenities. The 1331 Ambleside project in West Vancouver is a prime example of this type of development.

The 1331 Ambleside project, currently under construction, will feature a mix of commercial and residential units in a highly sought-after location near the beach and shopping district. The commercial units will serve as an income-generating asset for the investors, while the residential units will be sold as premium products with access to the surrounding amenities. This type of investment allows asset managers to benefit from both rental income and equity returns.

By understanding the market and identifying opportunities for diversification, asset managers can maximize returns and minimize risk. The 1331 Ambleside project serves as a prime example of how investing in mixed-use developments in key locations can provide a stable income stream and potential for equity appreciation. As the market changes, it is important for asset managers to remain patient and not get carried away with greed in a rising market, and to exit at the right time, like the Park West project that was explained earlier, which was purchased with a vision and plan, considering achieving the right return the project was exited by a sell to a development firm providing them with a de-risk asset.