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Hampton Inn by Hilton

Hampton Inn by Hilton

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Project Overview

The Hampton Inn by Hilton in Victoria is located in a prime area of the city, close to key tourist attractions, business districts, and shopping areas. As a leading tourist destination, Victoria offers a strong and growing market for hospitality properties, making it an ideal location for Pacific Lyte’s investment.

Pacific Lyte’s strategy in investing in hospitality properties is driven by the belief that the hospitality industry is a strong and stable asset class that offers long-term growth potential and reliable income streams. By focusing on high-quality properties in desirable locations, Pacific Lyte aims to deliver value to its investors and achieve sustainable growth.

This hospitality property was purchased by Pacific Lyte with the goal of renovating and improving it to meet the needs of the city and its visitors. With a focus on creating a high-quality and comfortable experience for guests, Pacific Lyte is committed to maximizing the potential of this asset and serving the needs of the Victoria community for years to come.