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#301 – 370 Esplanade E, North Vancouver

#301 – 370 Esplanade E, North Vancouver

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In our pursuit to maximize the return on investment for our clients, Pacific Lyte invests in office spaces that are well-positioned and offer a range of benefits for tenants. Our investment in 370 Esplanade E reflects this strategy, as it is strategically located in North Vancouver, a bustling and highly desirable area for businesses.

North Vancouver is well-known for its proximity to key commercial hubs and attractions; this property is no exception. Located near Lonsdale Quay, the property is within easy reach of a thriving industrial park and brewery row, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to be in the heart of the action. With unobstructed views, the property offers a unique and attractive work environment for tenants, providing an ideal space for businesses to grow and flourish.

At Pacific Lyte, we believe in investing in assets that not only provide a stable return on investment but also offer long-term benefits for our clients. Our investment in this office space reflects this philosophy, as it has the potential to not only provide a stable income stream but also be renovated and improved over time to meet the changing needs of the city and its tenants. Whether it is through location, unique features, or future development potential, we strive to deliver a portfolio of assets that meet the needs of our clients today and into the future.