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#139-1305 Welch Road, North Vancouver

#139-1305 Welch Road, North Vancouver

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One of the assets in our industrial and storage portfolio is 1305 Welch Road in North Vancouver. This property is located in a well-established industrial area and has easy access to Vancouver, the highway, and ports. The location offers the benefits of being in North Vancouver, such as being close to popular destinations and having a strong local economy, while still being easily accessible to the rest of the city. These attributes make 1305 Welch Road a prime example of the type of properties Pacific Lyte seeks out to provide our clients with maximum returns.

Pacific Lyte’s vision for this type of investment is to identify well-located properties in urban areas that can be optimized and improved to generate maximum returns for our clients. Our focus is on purchasing properties that have strong demand and can benefit from the surrounding urban environment.

Investing in industrial and storage spaces in urban areas has become an attractive option for Pacific Lyte due to the growing demand for these facilities in densely populated cities. These spaces offer a steady and consistent income stream for investors and can be used for a variety of purposes such as storage, office space, or even fitness centers.