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1141 Millstream Road, West Vancouver

1141 Millstream Road, West Vancouver

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Project Overview

1141 Millstream Road, West Vancouver is another prestige project managed by Pacific Lyte that showcases the company’s commitment to providing unique and luxurious homes. This property is located in a highly desirable area of West Vancouver and offers stunning views. Pacific Lyte carefully managed the development of this asset to ensure that it met the high standards of luxury home buyers. With a buildable area of approximately 4662 square feet, this property is set on a spacious .66-acre lot, providing ample space for homeowners to create their dream home. Pacific Lyte’s investment in this property demonstrates its dedication to delivering exceptional quality and unique luxury homes that stand out from the rest.

Pacific Lyte invests in luxury single-family homes in prime locations that offer exceptional accessibility, amenities, and views. Whether it is a beachfront property with breathtaking ocean views or a home in an upscale neighborhood surrounded by lush greenery, our homes are carefully selected to meet the unique needs and desires of our customers. With our focus on excellence in every aspect of our homes, from design to construction, we strive to create the ultimate luxury living experience for homeowners.